Mission, Vision, Strategy & Values

Freedom Mission

We exist to point towards Christ and His community.


Leading everyone to experience a passionate life in Christ. To honor God with our worship, our work, and our walk.


To create environment where people where people are encouraged and equipped to purse intimacy with God, community with insiders, and influences with outsiders.

Freedom Strategy

To create environments where people are encouraged and equipped to purse intimacy with God, community with outsiders, and influences with outsiders.


  • Jesus changes Lives

    Life change begins in a relationship with Jesus. We love seeing lives changed so

    much you might say we are addicted to life change! We are passionate! As a

    result, we steadfastly commit to help people encounter God, receive the gift of

    salvation and experience the purpose and freedom Jesus promises for those

    who put their trust in Him. (John 3:16)

  • the bible is our truth

    The Bible is God’s voice. In a world full of opinions, we choose to find our truth in

    God’s Word, the Bible. We believe the Bible is the authoritative, supernatural

    revelation of God Himself and God’s gift to guide those who love and seek Him.

    The Bible reveals God’s design for His Creation and shows us the way to live life

    beyond what we could ask or imagine. (Psalm 119:11)

  • we're in this together

    You matter to God. You matter to us. We weren’t meant to live this life alone.

    God created the Church to be a family and we want this place to feel like home.

    Like any healthy family grows in size, the church was created to grow. As we

    grow larger our passion is that it’s not about our size, it’s about our spirit. We’re

    in this together! (John 17)

  • we always bring our best

    God calls us to love Him and to love others. One of the ways we love well is to

    BRING OUR BEST. Jesus brought His BEST for us! We are driven to bring our

    best for Him and others. As a result, we value hard work, creativity, beautiful

    spaces, and doing everything we do with EXCELLENCE. (Colossians 3:23, 1

    Corinthians 10:31)

  • passion drives us

    Passion is not something that has to be pulled out of us. Rather, passion pours

    out! As God has loved us, we will love. As God has served us, we will serve. As

    God has generously given to us, we will generously give. We love God and His

    Church with PASSION. We embrace the mission from Jesus with PASSION.

    (Matthew 22:37-40)