It is a real joy for us to meet newcomers and to tell you about all the good things God is doing in our church family. Our mission is to "point people towards Christ and His community", and we do that by coming alongside to inspire, equip and encourage you to live out a life that will bring glory to God and be a blessing to the world.

Contact one of our Pastors so we can take you out for Starbucks Coffee or Lunch!

We want to get to know you!

Can we take you out for starbucks?

Maybe a small group isn't for you or its too soon to join one... Well, we are interested in getting to know you. Maybe you would like to talk about the service, or you would like prayer, or just a quick sit down with a cup of coffee to talk about life. Any of our pastors are available and would love to take you out for a cup of coffee at the local Starbucks! just ask and we will gladly listen to your testimonies concerns and thoughts!